Quality requirements for cosmetic packaging


Basic requirements for containers and containers Bottle […]

Basic requirements for containers and containers
Bottle: The bottle should be smooth, the surface (biǎo miàn) smooth, the thickness of the bottle wall is basically uniform (jūn yún), no obvious scars, deformation, there should be no cold bursts and cracks. The mouth of the bottle should be straight and smooth, and the burr should not be applied. The thread and the bayonet structure are intact and correct. The combination of the bottle and the lid should be tight, no slippery, loose, and no phenomenon (phenomenon). The inside and outside of the bottle should be clean.
Hose: The body of the hose should be smooth, tidy, uniform and thin (jūn yún), without obvious scratches, and the color should be uniform. The hose seal should be firm and straight, and there should be no openings or wrinkles. The Lamination Film of the hose should be free of float.
Cover: Inner cover: The inner cover should be complete, smooth, clean and not deformed. The inner cover should cooperate well with the bottle and the outer cover. The inner cover should not be leaked. Cover: The cover should be straight, smooth, without cracks, cracks, burrs. The color of the outer cover should be uniform. The outer threaded threaded structure (Structure) should be intact.

The color of the cover with an anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform (jūn yún). The flip-type cover should be turned upside down and the joints are not fractured. The fit between the lid and the bottle should be tight, without slipping and loosening.

Spray can: The tank is flat, free of rust spots, smooth welds, no obvious scratches, concave cans, and uniform color. The nozzle of the spray can should be smooth and free from wrinkles, cracks and deformation. The lid of the spray can should meet the requirements of 5.3.2.
Nozzle: The nozzle should be straight and clean, without damage and cracks. The assembly parts of the nozzle should be intact to ensure smooth flow of the night.