Production process of "cosmetic aluminum-plastic tube"(Chapter Two)


Injection process The injection head is to inject plast […]

Injection process

The injection head is to inject plastic into the head of the pipe. Customers can choose different positions and different covers according to their needs. The injection head is one of the important links of the cosmetic aluminum-plastic tube. The injection molding process has three steps:

1. Filling: According to the color template specified by the customer, adjust the plastic formula of the color, stir evenly and pour into the equipment bucket.

2. Molding: The raw materials are melted at high temperature in the machine pipe and enter the dental plate mold in liquid form. And quickly formed in the mold quickly, about 5 seconds.

3. Cooling: The circulating water in the machine will quickly cool the formed plastic so that the pipe can fall off.

The above three processes add up to 15 seconds or so. Generally, 8 tubes can be produced in one mold, and 15,000 units can be produced in one class. The smaller the tube, the higher the yield, the highest 25,000 or so.

Sealing process

Cosmetic aluminum-plastic tube sealing is to flatten the sheet on the tail, so that the whole tube is sealed. Only the small head of the head of the injection head can be called semi-finished product. The process of sealing is relatively simple. The types of seals that can be selected are: straight straight angle, straight fillet, diagonal fillet, diamond pattern, curved tail seal, etc.

The above are the three main production processes of cosmetic aluminum-plastic tubes. In fact, there are also blowing tests, quality inspections, etc. These are conventional processes and are not explained here.