Functional requirements for cosmetic tubes


Cosmetic hoses often represent fashion, avant-garde or […]

Cosmetic hoses often represent fashion, avant-garde or fashion, so the protective, functional and decorative aspects of cosmetic hose packaging are almost equally important. Cosmetic hose packaging has also been the most active market, not only with fast product updates, avant-garde design, but also with high levels of processing.

Cosmetic hose packaging first requires no chemical or biological reaction with the contents; secondly, it is convenient to use, packaging usually requires secondary sealing function, must have certain durability, then there is a good marketing effect. The packaging is very decorative and the production is very beautiful. Many high-end cosmetics, the cost of packaging is even higher than the product itself.

The most common packaging for cosmetic hoses includes: glass bottles, plastic bottles, composite plastic bags, plastic hoses, etc. Carton is often used as an outer packaging for medium and high-end cosmetics. Traditionally, medium and low-priced skin care products mostly use composite plastic bags, plastic hoses and plastic bottles, while high-end products prefer glass bottles. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of various new plastic materials and the development and maturity of plastic composite technology, various plastic packagings are playing an increasingly important role in the field of high-end cosmetic packaging. Various composite hoses are an important form of packaging.