Consumer desire for cosmetic packaging containers


Choosing  a piece of cosmetics, in fact, and falling in […]

Choosing  a piece of cosmetics, in fact, and falling in love with a dress, love a bag is the same reason, in the first sight of it, the heart of the heart comes from the depths of the heart. Lipstick tube Since the box is added outside the lipstick tube, the use of lipstick will increase several steps, which will lead to cumbersome operation. Therefore, there is a need in the industry for improvements in lipstick tubes. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is how to prevent the tube shell of the lipstick tube from being detached from the base with the middle core and the use of the lipstick tube. Why do some people love Guerlain alone? Why are some people not holding Chanel? In addition to the inherent quality of the product, the external cosmetic packaging container can not be said to be the focus of attention (the key to the metaphor).

Cosmetic packaging bottles are fashionable gadgets for women, and more and more new products are released. The superior color retention of lotion pumps is a feature that has gained commercial benefits in many aspects of the coatings industry. Acrylic automotive topcoats are a good example, and the excellent durability of acrylics has had a significant impact on coatings business. This new waterborne acrylic polymer has the potential to form a special coating for protection and decoration in the coatings industry. Figure 2 shows the results of outdoor exposure of some panels exposed to an aggressive marine environment. The lotion pump green solution type vinyl topcoat has significant fading compared to the green waterborne acrylic topcoat. A system consisting entirely of waterborne primer/waterborne topcoat also provides good metal protection. They use touching details, smooth lines (Fluent), and the distinguished LOGO highlights (sharply displayed) different tastes. Heart-effect complex Anna Sui with a sweet and seductive atmosphere, mysterious and extravagant taste, always makes it difficult for any woman to resist. Because every woman's heart is a little girl who grows up. All the details are perfect, whether it's black carvings, rose totems, or butterfly patterns, and big square boxes. . The craftsmanship and attractive colors remind women of cosmetic packaging in their motherhood, and sweet memories come to mind. The true meaning of love purple, black, Spanish red, rose, butterfly, doll, punk, rock, gorgeous, antique. . When you mention Anna Sui, a lot of words will appear in everyone's mind. The Annasu cosmetic bottle created under these terms has been followed by fans of the world (Insane). Every time I use Anna Sui's product, it is like a little girl with a feeling of admiration, secretly playing the feeling of gorgeous cosmetics on her mother's dresser. Annasu's limited product has deepened the purchase of Insane by its followers, because the design of cosmetic packaging containers for limited products is very unique (interpretation: unique, special), which can arouse people's strongest desire to collect. .