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Plastic hoses are now very eye-catching in the market, […]

Plastic hoses are now very eye-catching in the market, how to understand the specifications and parameters in so many cosmetic plastic hoses.

Cosmetic plastic hose:

Cosmetic plastic hoses are hoses used to load various types of pastes, such as toothpaste hoses, cosmetic creams, lubrication tubes, and cosmetic hoses. However, due to the different pastes to be loaded, what specifications and parameters should be paid attention to when selecting cosmetic plastic hoses?

Influencing factors, first of all plastic-matched plastic hoses as the irrigated packaging materials, the first thing to note is the current filling machine equipment, the specifications of the matching cosmetic plastic hoses, should choose the size of the appropriate plastic hose, In order to ensure smooth production.

The proportion of the contents, the proportion of the contents of the sound body is different, and the applicable plastic hoses are also different in size. The two products with a capacity of 5a1 are also used, and the products with a higher specific gravity will have a larger total weight.

The specification of the product indicates that different sizes of cosmetic plastic hoses have corresponding capacity ranges, which can be confirmed by trial filling to determine whether the desired capacity or weight is achieved.